Be a Better Baker is the first email in a four-part baking series from Panna

The Solution

Experiment With Email

To learn quickly—and cheaply—I repackaged existing video content into a four-part email course called "Be a Better Baker." In addition to measuring open and click-through rates, I collected survey responses from students at the end of the course.


Expert Interviews

Over cold email, I pitched the concept to pastry chefs Dorie Greenspan, Sebastien Rouxel, and David Lebovitz, who generously donated their time to the project. Their expert tips would end up guiding readers through the email campaign.

David Lebovitz generously agreed to an interview for this email campaign
Each email included bite-sized, 3-minute baking tips

Design Principle

Turn Readers Into Bakers

For even the most seasoned home cooks, baking can be an intimidating thing—more a science, as some put it, than an art. To demystify the subject, each campaign included bite-sized techniques that readers could practice in under 3 minutes.


93% Students Satisfied

93% of people who signed up for the course reported feeling satisfied. Meanwhile, the emails themselves averaged a 65% open rate and 25% click-through rate—3X and 5X industry benchmarks, respectively. These results provided early validation for the cooking courses that are now part of Panna's business model.

Photo by Nadya Spetnitskaya on Unsplash