Mindful Couple - Amazon Alexa Skill

The Solution

"Alexa, ask Mindful Couple for an idea."

For this project, I taught myself Alexa skill development in less than 3 weeks. The result? A friendly app that suggests fresh ways to show your partner you appreciate them.


User Interviews

Alongside a thorough literature review, I spoke to 200+ people in different kinds of relationships—married and dating, monogamous and polyamorous—to better understand how we express gratitude. Each habit, memorable phrase, and pain point earned a Post-It note.

I downloaded learnings from user interviews onto Post-It notes
Physical touch is one of 5 Love Languages

Design Principle

Embrace All Love Languages

When I asked people to recall a time they felt really appreciated, they often remembered a hug, a kiss, or a kind gesture—not the words, "thank you." Ensuring that Mindful Couple suggested ideas across multiple love languages was an important consideration.

Design Principle

Inspire Action

From research by Nathaniel Lambert & Frank Fincham (2011), we now know that expressing gratitude has an effect on relationship maintenance beyond merely thinking grateful thoughts. With this in mind, I crafted Mindful Couple's suggestions to be specific and doable.

Expressing gratitude to someone increases relationship maintenance behaviors