What’s Lisa Up to These Days?

Well, three things mainly. Most of them involve sticking it to the man.

Benjii, co-founder

The first is Benjii, a ridiculously straightforward app that’s like your personal wealth manager. You type in any stock, mutual fund, or ETF, and Benjii tells you whether you should buy or sell. (Behind the scenes, he’s powered by a pattern recognition algorithm that’s ~85% accurate.) So far, I’ve:

  • Built a waitlist that’s growing by 10% every day and saw 178% growth in its first month
  • Split-tested Facebook ads to find our core demographic and messaging
  • Cut our cost-per-click down to $0.07, with a click-through rate that’s 5X the average for most brands

Model Closet, Founder

Model Lisa Siva walks at TRIBEZA Fashion Week, 2013

The second is ModelCloset, a marketplace where models can sell trade (aka clothes they sometimes get instead of payment). Currently in the idea stage here.

Career Hackers, organizer

And every now again,  my Career Hackers group gets together over pastries to talk about how to stand out from the application slush pile. At the moment, we’re 160+ corporate misfits strong.