World Oyama Karate

Write + Design Research + Code

World Oyama Karate

The Challenge: In the greater Atlanta area, there are 115+ martial arts schoolsβ€”an overwhelming choice for prospective students. How might we make this karate dojo instantly distinct?

πŸ”Social listening

πŸ’ͺHTML, CSS, jQuery

Design Research + Code

Mindful Couple

The challenge: In studies, gratitude has been shown to increase relationship resilience. In real life, it's not always easy to practice. How might we encourage a daily habit of gratitude among married people?

πŸ”User interviews

πŸ’ͺNode.js + DynamoDB

Mindful Couple Alexa Skill
Panna Cooking Email Campaign

Write + Design + Build

Be a Better Baker

The challenge: At a video recipe startup, I had a hunch that customers would be drawn to video courses, rather than one-off recipes. How could I quickly create a prototype to get team buy-in?

πŸ”Expert interviews

πŸ’ͺMailChimp, Photoshop

Shall we geek out about startups? Good copy? Doctor Who?

I weirdly love getting emails.